Russell Country Federal Credit Union

3 Branch locations
4 /10 1 Rating
3 Branch locations
Main Phone:
Main Office:
810 1st Ave S
Great Falls, MT 59401-3704
About Russell Country Federal Credit Union

Russell Country Federal Credit Union was chartered on Jan. 1, 1946. Headquartered in Great Falls, MT, it has assets in the amount of $61,649,227. Its 9,070 members are served from 3 locations. Deposits in Russell Country Federal Credit Union are insured by NCUA.

Membership Eligibility

Our field of membership is open to anyone who lives in Cascade County, Chouteau County, Pondera County, Teton County, and a portion of Lewis and Clark County. Becoming a member of Russell Country requires depositing $25 to a membership share savings account. This deposit represents one share of the credit union, and enables you to open other credit union accounts and apply for a credit union loan.

Russell Country is a full-service, member-owned financial cooperative that provides a full range of financial services with convenience, ease, affordability, and dependability. With 3 branch offices serving over 9,000 members, we logged over 65 years of service to the surrounding Great Falls area.

Chartered On:
Jan. 1, 1946
Charter Number:
Total Assets:
Deposit Insurance:
Number of Members:
Bernard J Neibauer
Member of FHLB:
Low Income Designation:
Institution Class:
Federal Credit Union - Community credit unions
Russell Country Federal Credit Union Routing Numbers

Russell Country Federal Credit Union has 1 routing number.

Routing #
Access to Electronic Services
  • Audio Response/Phone Based
  • Automatic Teller Machine (ATM)
  • Home Banking via Internet Website
Credit Union Programs
  • Mortgage Processing
  • Approved Mortgage Seller
Electronic Services
  • Merchandise Purchase
  • Bill Payment
  • Share Account Transfers
  • View Account History
  • e-Statements
  • Share Draft Orders
  • Download Account History
  • Loan Payments
  • Account Balance Inquiry
  • External Account Transfers
Services & Products - Credit
  • Overdraft Lines of Credit
  • Overdraft Protection/ Courtesy Pay
  • Risk Based Loans
  • Real Estate Loans
  • Indirect Consumer Loans
Services & Products - Depository
  • Share Certificates with low minimum balance requirement
  • No Cost Share Drafts
  • Business Share Accounts
Services & Products - Financial Education
  • Financial Counseling
  • First Time Homebuyer Program
  • Financial Education
Services & Products - Other
  • No Cost Bill Payer
Services & Products - Transactional
  • ATM/Debit Card Program
  • Check Cashing

Russell Country Federal Credit Union locations & Hours

3 Russell Country Federal Credit Union Branch locations
City or Town
Fairfield 105 4th Street S Fairfield, MT
Main Office 810 1st Ave S Great Falls, MT
MANG 2800 Airport Avenue B Bldg 55 Great Falls, MT

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1 Comment
4 /10 1 Rating
4 /10
Reviewer: asher
Date: Nov. 29, 2016

I won't pay my child support, OAG from Texas

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